Time is money, make use of a laundromat – The Eastgate Laundromat

History of Eastgate Laundromat

Eastgate has been there since the early 1970’s to serve Lombard and it’s neighboring towns. Over the years it has given always a fresh new look at how to do laundry with great results and efficiency. Aside from it’s regular drop-off services, it has expanded it’s operation to include pick-up and delivery to meet the demands of time. Truly, the finest laundromat built to fill your laundry needs.

We are conveniently located at

837 S. Westmore/Meyers Road

Lombard, Illinois 60148

8AM – 9PM   Mondays to Fridays

8AM – 8PM   Saturday and Sunday

Last load should be in 1 hour before closing time

[ My friend ] told me that they had been going to Eastgate Laundromat for a while because it was one of the best in the area, and I have to say they were right. ~ Angela P. , IL on Yelp

We Strive to be The Best

Our goal is to meet all your laundry needs. Fresh and clean laundry is our top priority, and we want you to save time and money every time you visit us. We always make sure that our best and newest machines are always available to our customers. If you have any time restrained requests, or any questions at all, feel free to contact us or visit our branch and we will gladly help you with everything you need.

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